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Why Does My Furnace Smell Funny...?

Why does my furnace smell funny the first time it starts after being off for the summer?

Dust accumulates in your furnace’s heat exchanger when it sits idle for the summer. When you turn on the heat that first cool day, the dust burns off naturally. You may want to air your house afterwards, but the smell itself is not dangerous.

What's the Difference?

What difference does it make whether I buy a mid-efficiency or high-efficiency gas furnace?

A furnace’s efficiency is measured by how much heat pumps from your furnace to inside your house versus how much heat is lost out of your chimney. You can think of that loss in dollar terms too.

A mid-efficiency furnace works on average at 80 percent efficiency while losing approximately 20 percent of its heat directly outside. The high-efficiency furnaces, due to better construction, can work up to 96 percent efficiency with a heat loss of 6 percent. The high-efficiency furnace is saving you 14 percent in heating costs.

Which Size Should I Get?

How do I know what size air conditioning unit is best for my house?

Of course, the dimensions and size of your home are first considerations any experienced air conditioning professional will calculate. Just as important, the expert knows to consider your home’s orientation, landscaping and shading, and direction and size of doors and windows. All of these factors determine how much cooling power you will need.

Which furnace is right for me?

To help you determine the correct furnace to meet your needs, your professional heating contractor should take into account your home's heat loss, as well as, the square footage to make sure it is sized correctly. They will also need to review which type and model will meet your efficiency and budget requirements.

What's Wrong?

What is wrong with my air conditioner? My air is blowing, but it isn’t cool.

You most likely have a problem caused by dirt on inside or outside coils. You fight dirt by keeping plants and debris away from your outside unit and by changing your filter regularly inside. Once dirt has done its damage, you will need a professional to clean and repair the coils.

How often should I change my furnace's filter?

It should be checked every month and changed every month.

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